Days 1-3 of Martha’s Month

Friday, April 1st

Cardio and core

I’m on a perpetual mission to walk everywhere, so I turned Martha’s cardio into “make extra walking efforts today.”

So here I am walking:


And here I am planking:



Cardio: check. Core: check. April Fool’s Day: this entire thing is a foolish endeavor, so check.

Saturday, April 2nd

Remove burlap from boxwood hedges

It rained so much on Saturday! And I have something resembling a boxwood hedge at the front of my house—I don’t burlap it because a) it does just fine over the winter and b) I’m a regular person. Right now, the bees are loving its tiny flowers.

But anyway, I thought “OK, well it could use a trim, so I shall cut it instead, using these…oh I must have returned the hedge clippers I borrowed or maybe they broke, who can remember?”

So instead, I just…took a picture of my hedge. Check.


Aerate, fertilize, and repair lawns

My lawn(s) is/are a 30 square-foot patch of clover and moss. It probably needs “repairing” more than just “me spreading some clover seed on it because clover attracts bees and requires less mowing.” But it was raining, and aerating would have been a bad idea. My aeration plan was to stick my new pitchfork in the balder patches and then throw some more seed, but maybe next weekend.

Sunday, April 3rd

Add a layer of compost to flower beds

I sort of already did this in that I added a layer of compost to my vegetable containers for soil prep purposes. I should probably do it to the flower beds too, but they kind of don’t exist yet and the ground is all wet.

Man, it sure is easy to not do Martha things!

Horseback ride

Now THIS I can do. Sort of. I don’t have horses (see above about being a regular person), but I do have a dude who likes to go on long drives with me in his car, which probably has “horsepower” involved in it in some way. We got in, headed eastwards, ended up in Colonial Williamsburg, as one does, got some cookies at Raleigh Tavern Bakery, and pointed out that Williamsburg has a lot of horses and people riding upon them. Also we had to dodge horse manure several times on our walk down Duke of Gloucester.



We also tried really hard to find the defunct mini-city within Elko Tract and the new site of the Presidents Park Heads but came up largely unsuccessful. If Martha had had those on her calendar, life might be more interesting.



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