Happy Easter, you may as well speckle some eggs

Our mother has always been into Easter. Easter and Valentine’s Day. Don’t ask us why—mostly because we can’t answer due to the fact that she bakes things a lot for these holidays and our mouths are full.


Usually, this requires zero effort from us, which is exactly how we like it. But then I saw Martha’s March cover and thought—probably between bites of my mother’s Valentine’s Day heart cookies—”Oh, look at those nice speckled eggs, I bet they are wicked hard to make.” And when I saw how STUPIDLY SIMPLE these eggs were, I felt sort of self-shamed into doing them.

Plus, dude, when you have a small child, any holiday is a lot more exciting than it was before that small child existed.


So we speckled these dang eggs. And you can too, in like four seconds. Here is what you need:

  • Some cups (bowls would work too, and disposable is probably what you want)
  • Some food coloring (liquid, not gel)
  • Some hard-boiled eggs (dyed, undyed, brown, white, a combo of all, whatever)
  • Some dried stuff from your pantry, particularly dried beans, and dried lentils or split peas
  • Some newspaper, but this isn’t particularly very messy
  • Children who are semi-interested

Throw some of the dried things in cups.


Add food coloring (15 drops seemed to do it for us). Stir around to coat dried things.

Position egg on top of those now-less-dry-things and move cup really fast in a swirling motion until the egg is covered in speckles.

Remove carefully, although a few smudges won’t matter. Then frigging admire your amazing Easter eggs!



They are so pretty, and I am going to do this every single year.

Here are some kids not even screwing it up! Great job, kids!


It was way easier than traditional dyeing, and if, say, your overly Easter-excited mother steals your thunder and dyes eggs with your child the day before, this’ll be something you can do that is slightly different. Something you can do TO the dyed eggs even. With bitterness and resentment. JUST KIDDING MOM SORT OF.

Then have an egg hunt and eat them for lunch. Or, that’s what we did, anyway.

Happy Easter!





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