Martha and Susan’s BFF Month!

You know how Martha’s got that wildly intimidating calendar at the beginning of each issue?

Sometimes it enrages us and sometimes it delights us, but this month, it’s going to DICTATE ALL OF MY ACTIONS.

Well, as best I can anyway. I was cruising the calendar, making my scoffs and expostulations heard throughout my neighborhood. And then I was like “What if I just did all this stuff, or get as close to it as I can.”


Would I feel like I was living like Martha? Would I know how frustrating it is to have to worry about your cold frames, your cold creams, and your cold sauces all the time? Or would it feel like a life of put-together near-tyranny?


Today, April 1st, simply says “APRIL FOOL’S DAY” and then “Cardio and core.” I figure I’ll get all my steps in, do some planks, and report back tomorrow, when I have to get a lot more creative with “Remove burlap from boxwood hedges.”



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