We’re a couple of sisters with a bone to pick.




  1. John · July 10, 2009

    Hell yes !!!

  2. Beth · February 19, 2010

    You guys are great! Love this blog, keep up the good work!

  3. Susannah Raine-Haddad · September 13, 2010

    i guess you are in richmond? me too. i read that one of you sends a card or letter to someone every day and i wanted you to know that i live by the same commandment! (i am not always successful in achieving my goal.) there is nothing like getting a hand written card in the mail! this in part has necessitated my business, zouzous basement, in which i make notecards. keep up your new/old habit, and keep the post office in business!

    • Lesley · September 20, 2010

      Whereas we’d love to say that what you heard is true, we do not send a card or letter on a daily basis, but on a frequent basis! For one thing, we have great friends and thus are always firing off thank you notes. Stationery is key, and your cards are great! Love the birdbaths. We’ll be visiting your Etsy shop in short order, as the Season of Occasions That Call for Notes looms. Thanks for reading. Hope to meet you in person one day.

  4. Carla · November 3, 2010

    Fantastic blog!

  5. SaintWaitress · February 2, 2011

    Fellow Richmonder subscribing via email.

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