It’s all happening!

OK OK, it’s been an unacceptable amount of time since we’ve posted. But hear me out! 2013-2014 were crazy years for both of us, including some but not all of the following:

– Divorce
– New baby
– Commercial space travel
– A mild but annoying case of the hiccups
– New job
– Collapse of a personal enterprise
Orange is the New Black
– An intense freelance project
– A regrettable lapse in subscription to Martha Stewart Living (for ONE of us, anyway)
– A regrettable lapse in interest in cooking, crafting, being cheerful, mocking a well-known celebrity, or anything at all, except watching our kids grow and drinking a lot of wine after they go to bed

But now, life has settled down. and we’re ready to get really mediocre about being domestic again, beginning with the certifiably insane October 2014 issue of everyone’s favorite magazine.

Halloween, as everyone’s supposed to know, is Martha’s favorite holiday. Each year, she attempts to motivate the rest of us to do ourselves up in fantastical costumes. Or, if we have things to do that take up our precious costume-making time, we can just use whatever we have around us. We won’t look nearly as cool, but you don’t get Martha points for showing up costume-less.

My son, Archie, will be a little builder, and I, Susan, will be Woman Who Travels With This Little Builder, Furtively Taking Candy Out Of His Bag. I like costumes that involve throwing things together from already existing objects in your house. Full disclosure: I did buy Archie a tool belt about a month ago with the intent to use it for this costume, but it’s become one of his favorite toys. That’s exciting, as it is not a truck. Anyway, it now counts as one of the things I have thrown together with the rest of his outfit to turn him into a bonafide miniature construction worker. Joke’s on him when I give him a list of things I need done around the house.

The October issue isn’t all about fake spiders and spray-painting pumpkins in lacy patterns. Gosh, no. It also involves Kevin Sharkey as a masked phantom and a big feature on homemade applesauce, which is one of my favorite things. (I scoff at the idea that Martha thinks she can top my mother, though.)

It also just barely includes some recipes! Such as this one for Spanish Rice with Ground Beef and Eggs!



Eggs on top of dinner

I’ve got a real thing for eggs on top of dinner. I don’t know what it is. The idea should be so gross, but it’s incredibly delicious, especially when the yolk runs into everything else. Guys! I don’t know!? Humans have weird tastes!

Of course, I substituted brown rice for white and veggie crumbles for the beef, but the results were great, easy, and lasted me through several days of meals.

If you do plan to eat this meal as leftovers, just only do the egg step for the amount you’re going to eat tonight, save the rest of the rice mixture in the fridge. Then, heat up the rice by itself, or throw it into the oven with an egg on top. Bing, bang, boom!

To substitute brown rice, parboil the rice for 12 minutes beforehand. Then, use as directed! Much better for you and tastier too, if you ask me. Which you did, by virtue of reading this far.

We’re back, Martha! I mean, I guess you’ve always been back, but here I am, back also!


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