Scraping the bottom of a beautiful barrel

Citizens! We are BACK to ring in 2012 (a little late) with lots of promises to step up our Martha game. In our defense, it’s been a little tough to get inspired lately, what with the December, January, and February issues of Living reading as stale as yesterday’s petit fours. I keep staring at the March issue, which lies primly on my coffee table, hoping against hope that it will contain more compelling material than its immediate predecessors.

I got into Living for the same reasons you did, probably: a slightly embarrassed desire to learn about the Good Things that I could be adopting in my household. Lately, Martha et al. have deemed it more fitting to offer a seemingly incongruous mixture of ridiculous party tips by Kevin Starkey, the Mad Manhattanite, and bland, heavily sponsored advice about which facial cleanser to use.

I kid you not. The highlight of the December issue was a photo caption that read:

Kevin and his friend, Bette, share a laugh next to one of his pink-feather trees.

One of his pink-feather trees, ladies and gentlemen.

And the February issue, typically rife with chocolatey goodness, brought a series of boring articles to a sweeping climax with a Marc Marrone column about how to pet dogs and cats. Did you know, fair reader, that if you scratch a cat’s head and the cat likes it, it will press its head towards you for more? I do not jest! Also, a dog, when happy to see you, will move its tail back and forth in a lateral motion!

But one recipe stood out from among the meager sprinkling — Coconut Thumbprint Cookies with Salted Caramel Filling.


Tucked in amongst the table of content pages as if it was something to be ashamed of, this extremely easy cookie recipe humbly pwned everything else in the issue.

It’s like this. First you whip together a butter cookie dough in about five seconds.

A mess that will become beauty.

Then, you form balls and roll into shredded coconut before baking.

Coconut covered ballz.

Make little thumbprint divots. Bake. Then fill with melted caramel and sprinkle with sea salt. So effortless you can do it while your baby watches.

Oh, btw, I had that baby, finally. Hope he doesn't mind how often I say "ballz."

I made these for my life/business partner, Kate, on her mumble mumble-ieth birthday. She likes coconut and she needs to be fattened up, so these were the obvious choice. I can heartily recommend these for any friends you have that might need to be fattened, or just share around your feather trees at your next soiree.


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