Deny fall with a delicious zucchini cake

Martha fervor always falls off a little during summer in these parts. There’s too much to do and not enough time to do it, and also… well, it’s hot here and I get lazy. But one Marthadventure stood out as an easy, delicious, and stunning dessert that I will graciously accept as an apology for those damn cookies.

If you’ve come across a late crop of zucchini, shred it up and stick it in this cake. If not, save this recipe for next year.

Zucchini Bundt Cake! Or as it should be called, Zucchini-Orange Glazed Amazing Heaven.

I know what you’re saying. Susan, what a beautiful ruffly topping of candied zucchini! It simply must be the most delectable thing ever, if it looks so good. My tasters, lucky bastards, disagreed, and I am in their camp. The candied zucchini is actually easier to make than you’d think. Get out a mandoline (I replaced my death-trap OXO version recently with a simple plastic handheld one. It’s sharper and therefore safer — really — and I have yet to slice off part of my thumb with this one, so it’s got that going for it too) and make some nice lengthy slices, then boil them in sugar water for awhile and drain on some cooling racks.

Easy! But not that tasty. Sort of a sickly sweet but still vegetabley taste that doesn’t keep well. Not that you’ll have this cake around for long, but if you plan to keep it longer than the party you’re bringing it to, I’d advise against. They get slimy and weird and the cake is good enough without them.

As usual, I substituted white whole-wheat flour for the white flour. In a cake as dense as this, it doesn’t make a difference and it’s way healthier. Repeat after me: white flour has no nutritional value and barely gets to count as real food. When you can substitute a whole grain, do so. It almost always makes it taste more interesting anyway.

That said, I did NOT omit the glaze, which you could do also, if you were trying to save yourself from wonderful gluttonous oblivion.




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