MSL, with the assist!

The September Living might be the “home” issue, but so far to me it’s been the “issue of do-able recipes.” Beginning on page 152, Martha lays out a batch of dinner recipes that can be made in just one pan. I REALIZE that this concept is not new, but we’re talking about MSL, a magazine that measures the success of its recipes by their use of every pot, pan and implement in your kitchen. I don’t know how Sarah Carey slipped these by her boss, but I’m glad she did.

Dirty Little Secret Alert: I don’t enjoy cooking dinner on weeknights and very often do not. The timing just doesn’t work. By the time I get home and turn on the stove, it’s like 8:30pm, and I want to be in bed reading by 10pm. This simply does not leave me sufficient time to cook a meal, catch up on episodes of Jersey Shore Charlie Rose, and clean up. Or often I have to attend an After Work Event, where I fill up on five pounds of chunk cheese and decide to power through until breakfast. This entire situation fills me with anxiety and guilt, mainly because my housemate picks up the slack. He considers it therapautic to cook a meal after a long day, whereas I prefer to cook when I have a good 2 – 3 hours to devote to the entire process.

But none of this matters any longer! MSL 9/2011 lays out some one-pan dinners that will solve all of my problems.  These aren’t cop-out meals either. You won’t find a “a packet of Lipton soup mix” on any of these ingredient lists. Instead, how does Baked Rice with Chorizo and Clams sound? Or Broiled Shrimp with Tomatoes and White Beans. Pretty good for a Tuesday night, right? We tried the Braised Chicken with Potatoes, Olives and Lemon, which was delicious, although I’d use two lemons instead of one.

Next, we’re doing Fried Eggs with Greens and Mushrooms, probably with mustard greens or kale, with Optional Sage-Chili Butter. (Why would that ever be optional?)

In fact, the only drawback of one-pan dinners is that they’re not that interesting to write about, so I’ll pay a little homage to this issue’s home focus. On page 144, the MSL team shows us how to jazz up our interior doors with painted shapes, upholstery tacks and wallpaper. At first I thought this was ridiculous but then I re-read it and reconsidered. I mean, how beautiful is this?

This issue also takes us inside Editor-in-Chief Pilar Guzman’s Brooklyn brownstone in all its Danish Modern “we love kids and their patina” glory, as well as a piece by Sharkey on monogrammed pillows, about which I want to write a snarky post but don’t want to offend my friend Beth, who is a monogram nut.

September, is that you already?


One comment

  1. Jessi · October 18, 2011

    I was just thinking about Thanksgiving one-pan dishes!

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