Grim tidings we prefer to ignore

New York magazine has an extremely long yet interesting feature about ol’ what’s-her-name and the inner workings of her relationship with MSLO over the past decade.

While I resent the implications that “Martha is about baking apple pies” (Betty Crocker is about baking apple pies. Martha is about riding a horse to the place where apple pies are invented and demanding a variety of apple be named after her), I found it worth a read. I also found it terrifying.

Enjoy! (Thanks, Kenya!)



  1. Emily · August 22, 2011

    Hmmm… how much do you believe a piece with only anonymous sources? Really surprised NYMag published it that way. But I read their piece on Jenna Lyons too. Interesting to compare as they take down Martha and build Lyons up as anti- Martha (although no direct comparisons). I’ve always viewed NYMag as tastemaker publication.

  2. Susan · August 22, 2011

    Oh man, excellent point. We, the reading public, aren’t savvy enough about journalism stuff to think about things like “sources,” which is probably why our country is headed in the direction it’s headed.

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