February: not so bad, but not so great either

Growing up, February meant sugar cookies and cherry pie topped with George Washington’s hatchet shaped from dough. (High five, Mom! Very Marthable.) We also were the only kids that got gifts on Valentine’s Day, which was probably our mother’s way of forming a positive association with this god forsaken holiday before we hit puberty and ate the apple.

I don’t know if Kevin Sharkey was born yet when these memories were being formed, but we learn in this issue that he loves February almost as much as our mom does. Evidently he tells all of his friends how much he appreciates them by doling out treats and small gifts. Does this remind anyone else of covering a shoe box in tin foil, cutting a slit in the top, sitting back and letting the Valentines roll in from your 3rd grade classmates, but in reverse? Sharkey, I think you and I may have some of the same acceptance issues, and I’m prepared to sit down with you and talk about them whenever you’re free.

Sharkey: "Valentine's Day is hands down my favorite time of the year." Lesley: "You and my mother really need to get together."

We also learn that Shark has a sweet tooth, which Martha obliges in spades with enough chocolate to shock a diabetic into next week.

"Molten," what a great word

This issue also keeps things meaty, but with a downgrade from NY Strip in January to ground beef in February. Unfortunately, recipes made from ground beef don’t photograph well and tend to resemble a variety of things that should never appear in a kitchen.

Will these make my bones strong, Sally Field?

The day is saved though by the very next piece, which is about growing citrus trees IN YOUR HOME, “…like the plants at Versailles…” I had no idea this was possible and am always looking for ways to make my home more like a French palace. Plus, wouldn’t it be so great to just reach over, snap a lemon off the branch, and jam?

The collecting piece is inspiring, the parts that feature normal people, that is, and not John Derian and the design director from Kate Spade…

John Derian: not like us

…and I’ll be bypassing the red meat for the light (and lemony!) seafood pasta recipes and individual chicken pot pies, washed down with one or two of her lambrusco recommendations.

Seafood pasta in February is ballsy, but I like it.

The rest of the issue is all lipstick colors, camelias and crafts; standzies for this time of year. Noticeably absent are glitter and George Washington, two things I never thought I’d type in the same sentence but it feels good to do it.

Happy February!


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