January What’s For Dinner: Retro Indulgence with a Side of Guilt and Another Side of Home Fries

Sometimes your husband goes out of town and sometimes you make a steak dinner for your friends during his absence. Guys, that’s just how it happens! There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be bitter about it, and I just don’t see the point of discussing it any further!

My friend and business partner, Kate, and her husband and food enthusiast, Matt, have to see me all day every weekday. And sometimes on weekends. It’s either enough to drive anyone crazy or the most wonderful of daily delights, I’ll let them decide. Because I worry all the time that their conversations about me are like, “I agreed to marry you! Not your friend!” or “Stop encouraging Susan to eat all of our leftovers!” or “Let’s move away without telling her about it!”, I felt that they should certainly be the (debatably) lucky recipients of a Marthable dinner.

Look at those lucky recipients!

Justin, over there on the right, is extremely talented at humoring me and offered to help me cook. We’re methodical people and made up a plan for January’s meal, which consisted of Caesar salad, steak, home fries, and chocolate soufflés. It was both easy and mouthwatering, my favorite combo, and I was amazed at how quickly everyone cleaned their plates despite the uncharacteristically large portions.

Look at those large portions!

The salad was probably the most complicated, but really just amounted to making croutons out of a sliced baguette and combining a bunch of things with an immersion blender for the dressing. I spilled about half of the dressing onto the cabinet, my jeans, and the floor, by accident, but hey, the dogs were delighted and we still seemed to have enough left for a delicious salad (unfortunately I neglected to get a picture of it. Actually I was pretty lax on pictures for this entire evening, but I blame it on being too busy hyperventilating at having to make a meat-oriented dinner in front of Matt.)

Salad being uh tossed.

Steaks and home fries posed no problems, the first being pan-seared before being finished in the oven and served with an easy pan sauce made with juices, red wine, and dijon mustard. Justin took care of most of the home fries, but it was mostly just cut up potatoes cooking in a little oil and mixed with onions. The recipe made a haughty deal about “pimenton,”* but it didn’t really blow anyone’s mind as much as the natural slow-cooked flavor of the onions and potatoes themselves.

Me making the pan sauce and you turning your attention away from my fatigued face and focusing on the home fries.

I will never follow a meal like this with anything but a chocolate soufflé. You win, Martha, they are phenomenal. We consumed our individual fluffy cake/meringue/puddings with considerable relish and in what has got to be record time. I wanted to lick the ramekin, and that’s not a sentence I ever thought I’d say.

Oh! MG!

In conclusion, this meal is not only Marthable, but I’m pretty sure I will have to make it again so as not to endanger my marriage. I am pleased with you, Martha. Nice work.

Yeah, nice work, Martha.

Without further ado, the recipes!

*That’s paprika. Haughty!



  1. Susan · January 31, 2011

    An update on this: since reading, Matt has assured me that if it had been an option to marry both myself and Kate, he would surely have agreed to it, which is a very sweet and horrible lie.

  2. Cabell · February 2, 2011

    I made this meal too! Which was impressive since I NEVER cook. I also found it easy and wonderful- especially the souffles. So excited to see that it made the Marthable blog!

    • Susan · February 2, 2011

      Whoa, yay!!

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