I Reconnect with Old Friends, Who Really Liked These Cookies

Some long lost friends recently invited us to dinner, and I wanted to bring something that was both delicious and expressed the following: “Yes, I’ve been out of touch for the past ten years but in that time I’ve learned how to bake a limited number of items, the taste of which will magically erase any ill will you might harbor toward me for not keeping in touch.”

The pumpkin pie with gingersnap crust in the November issue of Living seemed the perfect candidate. Who doesn’t like pumpkin pie? But, you can’t go around testing pies before giving them to people, and I’m also not that skilled of a baker. Like I said, I wanted this dessert to serve several purposes, none of which involved giving my hosts and their adorable children a tummy ache.

Fortunately, I found these Pumpkin Pie Cookies with Brown Butter Icing on Martha’s site. They are like miniature pumpkin pie singles (a long overdue snack idea in my opinion. I’m looking at you, Libby’s!), and were a decent compromise.

Martha's version: all fancy and round

You’ll notice that the cookies in Martha’s post are perfectly round. This is because she used a pastry bag, which I do not own (Who am I? Susan?!?!?!).

My cookies were simply dropped onto the cookie sheet with a spoon, an age-old method that is favored by people who are constantly running late and/or those who don’t mind some irregularly shaped cookies. (The roundest ones went to the dinner party; those pictured below are the rejects that stayed at home. This is the only photo I have because they were eaten so fast. )

Charmingly imperfect. Sort of like friendships, no?

I’m also not the world’s best icing-applier. But let me tell you: these cookies were a hit. They are soft and chewy and sweet and spicy. Like a pie, but more portable. Try them! And call an old friend while you’re at it. Life’s too short, and now you have something to serve when they come over.

Technical notes:

Martha’s recipe claims to yield 6 dozen, which is probably a liberal estimate, knowing her as I do. Regardless, I didn’t need anywhere near that many, so I halved the recipe, which produced approximately 2.5 dozen.

Turns out that cats go nuts over pumpkin flavor. I already knew that dogs did (see my brother’s adorable dog below. He eats pumpkin every day and look at him!), but cats?


One comment

  1. David H. · November 15, 2010

    Yum! Those sound so tasty! Maybe you’ll make some more next week?

    Fiyero misses you!!!

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