Made You Look

In a (not so) recent issue, Martha featured an intimate pictorial of her kitchen at Cantitoe Corners. For those of us who love kitchens, it was practically pornographic, with polished pots of every possible size, trendy open shelving and something called a “Servery.” Go ahead; shut the door. I’ll wait.

Looks like breakfast this morning is OJ and eggcups!

It’s at once quietly neutral and wildly macked out (the appliances on the Cappuccino Counter alone are worth more than my car) and makes me look back on my first kitchen renovation with shame.

If this thing was in my home, I would get so much more accomplished.

But the undeniable centerfold for this lustrous spread is a gratuitous, two page collage of Martha’s open drawers.

Her KITCHEN drawers,  that is!

I would have posted the other half of this collage, but my head has just exploded.

No one has this many napkin rings. Let’s just get that out of the way.

Secondly, I think you’ll agree that this much order is almost creepy, and kudos to the poor guy or gal who had to photo-shop this thing together. Here’s hoping you’re not the slightest bit trypophobic.

As a grounding exercise after experiencing such lasciviousness, we asked to peek inside some of our friends’* drawers to find out if anyone else is this organized or has this many friggin’ muddlers. Damn if those hussies didn’t oblige. Scroll down if you dare!

Fish-shaped grater! And nice use of "no man's land" space outside of organizer. Well done, Allison.

Amanda, we like how cavalier you are with your knives. The kitchen is no place for safety!


This drawer would drive Martha to the brink.

Aaahhhh, now that’s more like it. These mildly chaotic drawers warm my chilly heart, much like a cappuccino might if I had a baller cappuccino machine like Martha or like actual pornography would if pornography weren’t free and, er, just a few clicks away………Good night!

*I don’t have a picture of her drawers, but big thanks and stuff to Denny for referring to us all the time!


One comment

  1. Steff · November 8, 2010

    I couldn’t resist. I had to share a picture of my own.

    PS – Where do I get that fish-shaped grater?!

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