Let’s be honest, I don’t even know if craft stores are something I just made up or what

My favorite fall activity this year has been to vow cheerfully to go to a craft store and get the required stuff needed to carve a terrified witch onto a pumpkin.

From the October issue

Unfortunately, this 1-2-3 pumpkin carving article (as easy as paint by numbers! it assures you) requires 1-2-3-a-million items, and, frankly, their names strike fear into my uncrafty heart.

Awha? Lineoleum cutter?

I might just sit on my steps with a witch hat (and maybe some witch balls) and an electric tea light in my mouth. Seems easier.

This was my effort last year, a freehand drawing of a ninja turtle that I was quite proud of. You can tell it’s Raph because of his sneer. I can’t remember what we used for carving, but I’m pretty sure I just hacked away with a sharpish object until it looked both teenage and mutant. Success!


One comment

  1. jessica maria · October 25, 2010

    haha! Your pumpkin is awesome!

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