Back at the stove!

Not long ago, I diagnosed myself as having a terrible disease that causes me to taken on so many projects that I dwindle to a tiny speck in the memories of my family and friends. In May, I started a copywriting agency with a partner, and the demands of that fun, part-time project grew at such a rate that I was able to arrange my departure from my day job (may you all experience a boss like I have). If you even have an inkling of a good business idea, I recommend you go forth and do it. It’s been an insanely stressful experience, but one that is tremendously satisfying.

In the meantime, people, it feels like every minute of my day is budgeted. It’s definitely been a learning experience to turn my natural “OMG this movie is soooooo freaking terrible” tone into a more professional one, and learning experiences take time. So while I’m still making Martha junx, I forget to document it, and I certainly forget to spend a day making eclairs.

That’s not entirely true. I will never forget about days making eclairs.

Anyway, my own propensity for breezing through my house at full speed, mixing things on the way, and shoving plates on the table before running off to a meeting sort of meshes well with Martha’s propensity to HAVE VERY FEW RECIPES IN HER DAMN MAGAZINE. Between Sharkey’s apartment and articles telling me what bike to buy, I haven’t been too inspired to make much from Living.

I do recommend two recipes in this month’s issue that are both healthy, easy, and tasty enough to make me stop for a sec and actually take a picture. And if that picture is on an iPhone, I suggest that you come to terms with it and move along!

Zucchini Lasagna – I added actual pasta noodles to this “recipe” on the page 36 blurb about farmer cheese. I also didn’t use farmer cheese, ha! I used ricotta insalata mixed with whole milk ricotta and parmesan, and it was divine. Basically the deal is, you layer raw zucchini strips, tomatoes, cheese, and basil, for a treat that will immediately fall apart as soon as you take your fork to it. Still tastes good though!

Freeform Zucchini Lasagna with No Farmer Cheese

Chicken Paillards with Fresh Greens and Beans Tomatoes – Look, my farmer’s market didn’t have beans anymore, and I did have some tasty heirloom tomatoes to use up, so tomatoes it was. Probably should have cut down on the red-wine vinegar, as tomatoes are tart enough on their own, but it was still an easy, satisfying meal that made Cam’s poor eyes light up. I think I caught him checking to make sure I didn’t sneak some barley or bulghur wheat underneath it. Guys, health is important! It’s also why I omitted the ham from the recipe!

Flattened chicken and a mess of stuff!

I’m avoiding the September issue because I see that it has Kevin Sharkey right there on the cover. Dude has been elevated to cover status!!

It’s OK, when I do have time to focus heavily on cooking again (countdown: three weeks), I think I will try to use more of the zillions of cookbooks I never use and give the old favorites a rest. I won’t neglect Martha, though. I’m reading her book The Martha Rules, which is full of business pointers and actually refers heavily to the jail time I always wish she’d mention more. Humanizing! And educational!And kinda boring!

(P.S. – Happy 2nd Birthday, Marthable!)


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  1. marthaandme · August 25, 2010

    I thought the same thing – there’s nothing to cook in this issue! I’m really tired of Sharkey’s tax write-off remodel. There are lots of things in Everyday Food I’m going to make though since Living has virtually nothing.

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