In which necklaces are made, WalMart is visited, and I use iPhones as cameras

Meet my nieces. Sachi, age 11, and Miki, age 8, came to stay with us for the weekend, and let me just tell you… they are so cute, I seriously considered opening this post with “Meet my kids.”

Not only are they cute, they are considerably better at crafty stuff than I am, so we launched a poorly planned dash to various stores at 6:50 pm on a Sunday evening, trying desperately to find one that carried the duponi silk necessary to make the neat braided necklaces in August’s Martha Stewart Living.

Spoiler! We made an anklet.

A word about braiding: I can do it! As the lowest common denominator of our crafting trio, I was stoked to find that this month’s Martha crafts involved the only technique I actually know how to do. Stoked and amused, but definitely stoked.* For these necklaces, you’re supposed to get duponi silk in “sherbet hues,” make some braids, knot it together to make a loop, and wear proudly as you attend your next Junior League meeting.

I thought about the serene picture of sherbety necklace lady while I stood in line at WalMart between a screaming grown-up and a screaming baby, the girls and I both wearing damp bathing suits under our clothes. We couldn’t exactly find silk at WalMart, our last resort, but we were relieved to find fabric of any kind. Plus, we’re too tough for sherbet hues. We wear damp bathing suits in public, for heaven’s sake!**

I think Sachi looks pretty serene here, though. Toughly serene.

So we settle on a gold faux silk and a black broadcloth (I realized later on that these are the colors of both my husband’s and my alma maters. Woot! Delayed school spirit realizations!), stop by Cam’s studio to record the girls singing so that he can use their voices on a fast food commercial (woot! Pawns!), come home, and get right to ripping up fabric.

We weren’t sure how best to secure the necklaces once we had all these yards of braided fabric, so we sorta winged it. By the end of an inspiring viewing of Newsies, we had three necklaces, one anklet, and a dog collar. Everyone ended up very pleased and also serene.

I'd say this one is more "joyful." Still tough, though.

My sister-in-law, Ritsuko, was a little confused, though, when Sachi held up the very lovely black and gold braid and said, “This necklace is dedicated to WalMart.”


*To be honest with you, I really wouldn’t mind if next month’s project was “Earrings Made from Store-Bought Earrings!”

**How am I doing with my kid-friendly language?! I’m thinking that I’m doing “what-the-frack awesome!”



  1. Thara · August 12, 2010

    Hold up–you said “frack.” Did you start watching BSG or are you toying with me?

  2. Susan · August 12, 2010

    I thought I made it up! Frack!

  3. Michael · August 12, 2010

    I send my kids down for the weekend and they end up in a blog and a commercial? What the Frack!?

  4. Lesley · August 13, 2010

    Richmond is where stars are born, Mike. Everyone knows that.

  5. Mom · August 28, 2010

    Mike is probably trying to ignore that since he wasn’t born in Richmond.
    Loved the photos of the girls. You did mention that they were our granddaughters? That’s okay, their looks gave it away.

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