D’oh! A Post Falls Through the Cracks…

I don’t post that often, so forgetting to is inexcusable! And of all posts to forget, this one was not one of them. I had really wanted to make the May What’s for Dinner because it looked light and summery and delicious, but we were all super busy and couldn’t find time. One weeknight, James took matters into his own hands and just whipped it up, BY HIMSELF. Seriously, all I did was take pictures and do the dishes. And eat every last bite.

Okay so he didn’t make the dessert, because we don’t eat dessert during the week (only Martha eats four-course meals during the week), but just feast your eyes on these babies and you’ll forget all about the missing Caramel Custards!

What’s for Dinner, May 2010

  • Mango and Radish Salad with Lime Dressing
  • Garlic-Jalapeno Shrimp
  • Rice with Peas and Cilantro
  • Caramel Custards

Verdict: Do-able on a regular ol’ weeknight, particularly if someone else cooks! The mango-radish salad will definitely reappear as a side dish this summer, and the caramel custards might have their day in the sun too.


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