Irish Coffee Cupcakes: Too Much Whiskey Can, Er, Compromise Performance

Another holiday recipe posted way after the holiday: Irish Coffee Cupcakes from the March issue. Erin Go Braugh!


Kroger did not have instant espresso powder, so I bought Starbucks Espresso Roast whole beans and ground those suckers into dust.

That bottle was full twenty minutes ago.

All else re: the cake part was uneventful, except don’t be like me and forego cupcake liners, unless you like dry cupcakes. It’s fine if you do; you’d probably get along great at my house.

The icing, though, is another story. Basically, you whip cream and confectioner’s sugar into medium peaks, then add a T of whiskey* until stiff peaks form. Well, turns out that liquor renders cream, er, unable to get stiff** so don’t use an entire tablespoon and, for the love of god, add it slowly, not all at once. Dairy products, much like one’s body, prefer to absorb liquor incrementally. A 1/2T is plenty. And don’t worry , you will definitely taste it in the finished product.

Batch #1 = Fail

Verdict: This is a pleasing cupcake, sort of different, fairly simple, and nothing to write home about but evidently something to blog about. My husband liked them because they weren’t too sweet. Guests at a dinner party seemed unenthusiastic, but other mitigating factors include a super heavy meal and gallons of wine immediately prior. Susan made these under the same circumstances and had the same result (Correct me if I’m wrong, Howse). Her suggestion: Serve Irish Coffee instead.

*The Irish part, for those of you not paying attention.

** :)


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