February 2010, when you might as well abandon your January 2010 attempts to be healthy

OK look. The February 2010 issue of Living does have some healthy options within it, but overall it follows the Living pattern of “helping you lose a few pounds in January and then stuffing you full of chocolate cake in February.” Hey, I’m all right with that. We generally eat pretty healthily at the Howsunzio household, and maybe after a month of keeping up with New Year’s resolutions* we deserve some cupcakes here and there.

Speaking of which, I made the Hi-Hat Cupcakes that the website is always going on about for my pal Hugel, and I am proud to report that although they took me an entire day, they may have been the best cupcakes I’ve ever made. The sad thing about that is that they tasted almost exactly like ho-hos, so maybe I should just give up entirely and buy Little Debbie snacks from now on.

The hats are so hi!

I think I will compromise by not giving up on making my own stuff and instead just give up on resisting desserts? The CHOCOLATE, HEARTS, ROSES tart on the cover weirds me out with its icing hearts everywhere, but the Pear-Raspberry Heart Pies in the Save Room For… section are exactly my style (although I’m not sure I’m going to end up making them because it’s February, and buying raspberries is irresponsible, Martha. How many times do we have to talk about this?). Eff, why don’t I own any heart cookie cutters?

I did try to keep the healthy going by making Martha’s Breakfast Quinoa (From My Home to Yours), but I wasn’t really feeling it. I might need quinoa to remain savory instead of sweet, but that might be just a personal preference.

Mildly good breakfast quinoa

I so badly want to get up the energy to make that giant brooch necklace in the “Gifts from the Heart” section (p. 126), although I think I should make clear that that gift from the heart will be from me to me. Since I’m generally paralyzed by the idea of crafting, I doubt I will get farther than telling everyone I’m going to make them but instead I will find one on Etsy and pay someone else to make it for me. Don’t look at me like that. At least I’m honest.

*Although mine are always things that are awesome, like “play more video games” or “buy that Dutch oven you keep meaning to buy” or “make more cakes,” which I think is the secret to New Year’s. It’ll all be explained in a book I’ve written that will be appearing on shelves in Jan. 2011, entitled “The Secret (to New Year’s): CAKEZ.”


One comment

  1. Johnny Hugel · February 16, 2010

    These cupcakes were awesome, and fully appreciated by all who partook. After the weather snowed on my parade, these were little chocolate rays of sunshine. Thanks Hous.

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