They Wanted Lemon, But Perhaps Not This Much

In the spirit of this time of all things lean, Martha recommends paillards, which means flattened meat. For the Lemon-Butter Sauce on page 60 of the January issue, I bought thin chicken breasts (six for $4.49).  It’s cheaper to  buy regular breasts and pound them at home, but $4.49 was pretty cheap.

The sauce is just fresh lemon juice, shallots and butter, so I added mushrooms and capers and served it all over wilted spinach and egg noodles.

And now I know why I never cook with paillards; I always overcook them. The sauce was so lemony it turned my mouth inside out with every bite. James disagreed. He loved it. (What is it with guys and lemon flavor?) He cleaned his plate.

Verdict: Marthable because it’s fast and easy and flexible, but use juice from just one lemon and use paillards only when cooking for a large group and budget is tight. In this house, we prefer our meat a little thicker.


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  1. Susan · January 19, 2010

    THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID sorry sorry sorry my fingers typed it on their own.

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