Halfhearted Christmas Cookie Self-Challenge #5 – Molasses Drops

Don’t even THINK that I have fallen off the cookie wagon!

Mr. Susan and I blew back into town so that we could race home and sit on the couch with various animals. When I felt I had rested enough from Christmas, I put together a kickass risotto and, while it was risottoing, I made these cookies (Lucinda Scala Quinn’s Molasses Drops). They’re so frigging easy, people! And they require no mixer. You just throw some things together (molasses, some spices, melted butter, flour, and whatnot), add some candied orange peel (I made my own by boiling orange peel in simple syrup for a few minutes, then coating it with sugar, but I’m sure you can buy some if you don’t feel like bothering)*, roll into balls, coat with sanding sugar, and bake. One bowl.

Oh, also, they’re the best ones yet. Good thing I gave most of them to my pal Thara because otherwise I would be too busy stuffing my face to actually upload any photos. We had a tense moment in my house when I felt Cam was consuming the few I left for us too quickly. He had real need in his eyes when he suggested I make more this weekend. Well, guess what, I have four more kinds of cookies to make, so don’t hold your breath. And now, I will get back to doing this:

Five down, four to go!

*I used one orange and it was exactly enough to make the 1/4 c. finely chopped requirement.


One comment

  1. Thara · January 5, 2010

    It is probably important to point out that I ate all of the cookies you gave me within 24 hours and they were delicious.

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