Halfhearted Christmas Cookie Self-Challenge #1 – Lemon Wreaths

WTF is wrong with me that I think it’s a good idea to declare “I will make all of the Christmas cookies in the December 2009 issue of Living before Christmas or maybe New Year’s!”

This is never going to happen. I made an admittedly less doable declaration last year at about this time: “I will play and beat all of the Zelda games (which are completely new to me) all in one year.” Yeah, it’s December, and I’m only halfway through the third game.*

So anyway in case you don’t have the glitter-obsessed December issue on your lap right now like I do, let me clue you in. Among the scarily intimidating “A-Z” of Christmas Activities (the “Q” is a Martha quote about how her farm is “Q”uiet — that one I didn’t find so intimidating) and the three sparkly covers (still not interested in purchasing the Martha line of craft glitters, but keep trying) is this month’s “Cooking” regular, which features a cookie from each food editor, complete with cheerful photos of each editor actually making said cookie.

How cute! An emotional bond was created between myself and the article, due to a false sense of companionship with several smiling, industrious women. And in the heat of the moment, I vowed to make them all.

My “vows” aren’t to be trusted. Ask my husband; I definitely only love him in health and kinda just tolerate him in sickness.

Anyway, here’s food editor Christine Albano’s Lemon Wreaths. One down, eight to go!

They turned out perfectly, even though I had to go to Ben Franklin Crafts to get nonpareils. I took them to a big work event and they were gone almost instantly, even though they were next to a Snickers pie that caused some of the ladies to give out little screams of incredulity and delight.

I’d link you to the recipe, but SOMEbody is stingy and didn’t put it on her website. Guess you have to buy the issue. Sahhryy. (Update: this recipe is now available online!)

*I can’t even give myself that much credit. I hated the second game so much that I started to despise the whole franchise. I was given sound counsel that I could quit it if I wanted to, if it meant that otherwise I would abandon the project. TMI, let’s resume talking about cookies.



  1. Kelly · December 15, 2009

    I’m currently telling myself I will make three of the holiday treats in the last issue of Cooking Light. But really I will just eat a box of lebkuchen and fall asleep watching Gremlins. Christmas!

    (ps, Cooking Light is basically a big version of Everyday Food without the “hey, have you tried olives?” section)

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