A Christmas Miracle Involving Chocolate and Almonds/Let’s Hope Susan Doesn’t Want to Make This Meal

The December What’s for Dinner reminds me of a meal I would have absolutely hated as a child. Salmon, celery root, and CARROT PUREE?? Nightmare.

Martha, why so orange and bland?

We expect this type of meal from the slender, mild-mannered January issue, NOT from the brash, morbidly-obese December issue, Martha’s annual paean to excess and wealth and unimaginable amounts of free time.

But lo, faithful reader(s), fear not. Martha remembers what time it is with the dessert: a seasonably rich and dangerously* easy Chocolate-Almond Pastry. Hallelujah! There IS room at the inn after all.

Make this dessert and make it today.  If serving for a crowd (recommended), toast and chop the almonds ahead of time, as well as the chocolate, because pastry is a dish best served piping hot (unlike revenge, which is best served, well, you know…).

For some reason the photo of the individual pastries with ice cream didn't turn out. Probably because they didn't last long.

The only other ingredients are puff pastry, honey, sugar**, one egg, salt and vanilla ice cream (mandatory). The whole deal, including freezing the puff pastry for 15 minutes, takes half an hour, a cookie sheet and a fork. It’s rich though, so guests will appreciate a 30 minute baking break between entree and dessert.** * Really though, who doesn‘t appreciate baking break??

*Dangerous because one could hypothetically whip this up when no one else is home, eat the entire thing, wash the fork and no one would be the wiser.

**This recipe calls for sanding sugar, which I think is Martha code for “crack.” Just use regular sugar.

***We served this at the end of a very savory pork chop and gniocchi meal, courtesy of James and eaten by Randy, Aimee, Lindsay and Bryan.



  1. susanhowson · December 10, 2009

    Martha: Don’t get me wrong. I truly love the slender January issue. It’s like a cleanse.

  2. Lesley · December 10, 2009

    But you don’t want to make this meal, correct?

  3. susanhowson · December 11, 2009

    Correct. Gross.

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