Martha’s Crazy Calendar

Four days into September, Martha has already done – according to her calendar – more than I will most likely do in the next six weeks. So far, she has 1.) Taken a morning walk with her dogs, with a camera 2.) Washed outdoor light fixtures and replaced bulbs (if needed) 3.) Gotten a haircut, which she presumably does every year on Sept. 1st? 4.) Cut and arranged sunflowers 5.) Oven-dried tomatoes and packed them in olive oil.

Martha Calendar September

Today alone she evidently has prepared her greenhouse for overwintering potted plants, refilled her bird feeders, and uploaded recent photos to her blog.

Tomorrow she heads to East Hampton.

Since September 1st I have worked roughly 35 hours at my day job, painted my toenails, gotten an eyebrow wax, scooped the litter box, put away some dishes, cut some greens from my garden and changed the toilet paper roll in the powder room.

This weekend I will go to the pool and do some laundry.


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