Tomato Hand Pies: Like A More Durable Quiche

Assembled and ready to bake.

A Disclaimer: I think Martha’s summer recipes are way easier than her cold weather ones.

So there’s that. I also am not much of a cook, preferring to just hover around someone who actually knows what they’re doing, chopping up things and wiping up spills. I’m the girl who brings salad or fruit to a party.

But these hand pies were easy, and a perfect item to bring to multiple Fourth of July cookouts, where people like to eat with their hands and refrigeration may or may not be an option. Plus, they are red, white and, er, crusty!

Tomato Hand Pies Done!I followed Martha’s recipe (July 2009, p. 54) to the letter, sans the olives, because I don’t like olives. Not that I even had the chance to eat one of these pies. They were gone, like the long holiday weekend, in a blink of an eye.
The hardest part is the crust, which you make from scratch in a food processor, freeze for an hour, then cut out into squares. Seriously. That’s the hardest part.
Also, I used vine-ripened tomatoes, rather than Hanover,  because they are sweeter, smaller and hypothetically produce less juice during the  roasting process, which can get pretty steamy.
The girls over at Martha and Me say these are great quiche substitutes, which they are, and they also could be made in smaller mini-tins.
I don’ t know where I’ve been but the hand pie thing is evidently old hat. Martha has fruit-filled hand pies, Irish beef hand pies,  cauliflower and manchego. Basically once you know how to make the dough, the sky’s the limit, which is exciting.
Get on the hand pie train and let us know what you put in your pie. [by Lesley]

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