Wait, nevermind, all is still well in Marthaland

As soon as I posted the last post, I saw Martha’s newest blog entry:

The Importance of Sticking to a Grooming Schedule*

which is certainly going to be the title of a play someday. Thanks, Martha, for keeping things fancy and ridiculously out of reach for commoners.

*You guys totally think this article is about Martha’s personal grooming schedule, don’t you?



  1. Mom · May 4, 2009

    I love to read whatever you write…it brings a huge smile to my face and loud chuckles that scare the cat, even when it is very late, like now, and my eyes are barely open. Love, love, love to you.

  2. Amanda · May 5, 2009

    “Betsy is now combing Martyn’s shoulder – ahhhh…..”
    He really does look pleased.

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