Collecting: Aug. ’08

by Lesley – This month, Martha is all over the map in Collecting and Favorite Sources hunting down antiques and artisanal treasures, but evidently couldn’t find either anywhere in Virginia. (Visit for a map to hundreds of VA antique dealers.) Other than that, there’s nothing super obnoxious about this article. I come away with the usual feelings of self-loathing and envy, and I don’t know what an antique European teaching chart is (one apparently can be found at Brown in Houston), but this is a decent sampling of antique districts in most every region of the country, mostly country and early Americana and European, with a few sources for mid-century modern thrown in. (Martha promises more antiquing towns online.) Something tells me she doesn’t buy a lot of shag rugs or chrome and glass tables. She wouldn’t, for instance, like this giant porcelain, cartoon-y pear James brought home one day from Federated Warehouse in Richmond. Classy.



  1. Susan · July 30, 2008

    I love that pear. Is there an apple available?

  2. Lesley · July 30, 2008

    I said porcelain. I meant ceramic. Or maybe it’s handblown glass. But I seriously doubt it.

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